I'm John, creator of Alchemy Design. A boutique design agency based in Leigh.

Alchemy refers to the process of bringing many elements together to form one, cohesive whole, that is more than the sum of its parts. To me, this is the perfect analogy for brand creation. No parts or elements can be left behind. And when all aspects are accounted for, the essence of a brand naturally comes to the fore.

Brand identities I have developed feature in most major department stores around New Zealand including Mitre10, the Warehouse, Foodstuffs stores and Briscoes.

I am also a  passionate painter and illustrator and have lent my skills to comics, vehicle artwork, murals, tattoos, album covers, paintings and more. 

So if you're after a creative point of difference for your new brand or a new spin on an existing one, please check out our services, send us a message and start the conversation.